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Name:Aaron Sugden-Dingle (né Livesy)
Birthdate:Jan 5, 1992
[Roleplay account]

Player is ESL (English as Second Language). Please contact me if there's some phrasing or wording you do not understand. I'm happy to elaborate.

Aaron Livesy is from Emmerdale, UK. His mother is Chasity Dingle and his father is Gordon Livesy. He currently living in Emmerdale and he works as a mechanic at Smithson & Dingle Dingle Automobiles under his cousin Debbie Dingle and uncle Cain Dingle.

Aaron has a rough attitude and a bad temperament. He's quick to fighting if he feels cornered. He's not a very nice person and often pushes people away. He has trouble handling his emotions and people being kind to him. His relationship with his mother is very cold. Paddy, a ex of his mother, is the closest thing he got to a father. Aaron is very introvert. His best friend, who has stood by him through a lot, is Adam Barton, son to John and Moria Barton. Aaron has had relationships with Holly Barton and Victoria. He the came out as a gay man. His exes is Jackson Walsh and Flynn Bacanan. He's currently single.

Aaron Primer by [ profile] sunsetmog
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Official profile on the ITV website
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No copyright infringement intended. Aaron Livesy and the rest of the Emmerdale cast belongs to ITV Studios. The pictures are taken from TV4 Play which is licensed by ITV Studios to air Emmerdale in Sweden. Aaron Livesy is played by Danny Miller [ profile] dannybmiller

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aaron livesy, cars, eminem, emmerdale, lgbtq, mike skinner and the streets, mtv, nightlife, roleplay, snow patrol, violence
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